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Science behind the method

We offer a variety of classes for young puppies, teenage pups, and the aging dogs as well. There's no such thing as a dog who cannot learn! 


Our training programs aim to help make each dog a valued member of its family by providing great quality, force-free, and scientific based training. We promise to demonstrate integrity, commitment, and compassion for each and every dog/owner team that works with us. We also promise, as trainers, to always be expanding our knowledge in our field to keep up to date with the current and effective training techniques.


Our first priority is to be sure that no animal is harmed. We use force-free, shock-free, choke-free, and pain-free methods when working with your pet. We are very confident that your pet will learn well with reward-based and positive training methods. We use these methods for the animal's healthy socialization, to increase their capacity for learning, and to help prevent problem behaviors. 


We understand that every dog is a unique individual, each with different needs and learning styles. That is why our classes are structured into small groups so that we can give each dog individual attention and a personalized approach as we work through the programs.


We strive to make the class fit the dog and not the dog fit the class, with the same end goals in mind.

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