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Private Lessons

Private sessions may take place in the home, at the training studio, or at a pet-friendly location in the community. Package deals are available for multiple lessons. Schedule private lessons via email at

  • One on one attention

  • Customized training

  • Work at your home

  • Work with your family

  • Work with other animals in your home


Cost: $95 (length: 75-90 minutes)

Alternative: $60/hour Remote consultation over phone or online with Zoom


 *Contact for detailed pricing outside of Alachua County.

Puppy Primer

The Puppy Primer is a virtual one hour session for those preparing to bring a puppy into the home. Topics such as, how to organize the home, products to invest in, introduction to existing pets, what to expect, and more can be discussed.

Cost: $60

Puppy Kindergarten

This class is designed for pups between 2-5 months at the start of class.

Older puppies will be permitted with the instructor's approval.


During these classes, owners will be learning how to set their puppies up for success to grow into confident, optimistic, well-adjusted adult dogs. Puppyhood is the time to mold and strengthen important life concepts. These concepts are confidence, optimisim, independence, flexibility, impulse control, focus/drive, and proximity. By strengthening these life skills, we lower the chance of anixety, aggression, destructive behaviors, distractability, etc. Topics such as potty training, biting/mouthing, chewing, and setting the home up for success are also discussed.


Socialization, basic manners, and fun (!) is what this class is all about.  



  • Have completed the first immunization series.

  • Have been in the home for at least 1 weeks

Cost: $165 (5 classes Program)

Obedience & Manners
Basic Obedience I

Designed for dogs and owners of all ages.


Having a variety of manners and obedience tricks is useful for everyday life with your dog and may include: loose-leash walking, come, sit, stay, down, heel, up, off, leave it, trade, mat, and much more! Bring your home and social life up a notch with some quality work with your dog and our training programs. 


Positive reinforcement-based training provides fun and effective motivation for each of you to learn new behaviors that make life with your canine companion enjoyable longterm.



Cost: $165 (5 classes Program)

Obedience II/ Canine Good Citizen

Designed for friendly dogs of all ages both mixed and purebred that have completed Basic Obedience and Manners at our studio and/or has a complete understanding* of basic commands like sit, down, stay, come and loose leash walking.


In this 5 week class we will help you and your dog prepare for the CGC test. You may choose to take the test with us if you feel ready some time after the class. The test is included in your class fee; it is not extra. I give about 2 CGC tests each month.
During class, we will work on all the stations with particular emphasis given to those that involve interaction with other dogs and people, including the supervised isolation.

Another bonus of this class is it is capped at 4 dogs: plenty of personalized attention for your own pup!


You and your dog will be able to take the CGC test in our studio and earn the CGC title together.


We will train you to successfully help in your dog's training with respect, intelligence, patience...and often a big dose of humor!

Cost: $175 (5 classes Program, plus the optional CGC test)


 *A consultation might be needed.

Obedience III/ Community Canine/CGC-Advanced

This class takes our obedience and manners to the real world. We do not meet in the training studio. Instead, class will be held out in the community each week. Meeting locations typically include places like Depot Park, One Love Cafe, UF Campus, Town of Tioga, etc.

We aim to get handlers & dogs ready to pass the CGC-A test by the end of this 5 week course. To become familiar with the test items, take a look at the AKC website. In order to take the test, your dog must have the CGC certification already. 

Cost: $165 (4 classes Program, plus the test on the 5th week)



K9 Nosework

Email Melanie Phillpot at or Kate Godfrey at
to find the new class schedules!


Introduction to Nose Work (NWB1) is for all ages and temperaments. This is the newest canine sport, designed for all dogs (shy, active, reactive and "normal")! There are even 3 levels of national certification though you don't have to compete to enjoy this sport! No prior obedience training or athletic skills are required and it's fun for the dog as well as the owner! Join us in the Introduction course as we develop the dog's drive to search and build its confidence in working independently. Owner observation and handling skills will also be developed. There will be practice searches for each dog at all classes but in between searches your dog must be crated. Please bring your own crate or borrow one! Safety (and fun) for everyone is a priority. 

Reactive Dogs

This class is designed for dogs that show over-arousal toward dogs, cats, cars, people or any other stimuli. 

In order to attend this class, you must contact PUPS via email ( to set up an initial consultation. The consultation lasts 1.5-2 hours and costs $95. The reactive dog class is $25 each week you attend. 

In this class, we help to change your dogs emotional state toward stressful or arousing triggers to a calmer state of mind. We do this using fun, positive reinforcement training games. 



Cost: $95 for initial consult then $25/ class

Outdoor Walking Skills

This class is one of our "Mini Series" 3 week classes. We meet once a week for 3 weeks to practice our loose leash walking skills and the heel position. If your dog is over-reactive toward other dogs and people, please start with a private lesson + reactive dog class rather than this class. This class, like many of our other classes, will come with detailed homework to work on throughout the week before our next session. 

Cost: $99

Holiday Manners/ Greeting Skills

This class is one of our "Mini Series" 3 week classes. We meet once a week for 3 weeks to practice three main concepts: boundary training, impulse control & manners around food/tabletops, and calmer guest greetings.
This class is typically only offered in the months of October-December, although our normal basic obedience courses and private lessons can cover these topics as well throughout the rest of the year. 

Cost: $99

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