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We are a team of experienced trainers who worked together with Eager Pups under the mentorship of Melanie Phillpot. We are dedicated to help you better understand your dog and learn great life skills so that you can have a life-long, positive relationship with your furry family member.


Does your dog need some manners? Does he ignore you in the park, pull on leash, rush at and jump on guests, chew furniture, bark incessantly? These are just a few of the things we can help you with!

We use modern, reward-based training to help you build a strong relationship with your dog based in trust. 


We offer a variety of ways to help you do this, from Puppy Kindergarten classes and Basic Obedience to Outdoor Walking Skills classes and NoseWork. 

We truly look forward to meeting you and your pup.

Welcome to

P.U.P.S. Dog Training!




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